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JPS Promise Fund

Jamestown Promise Fund Needs Your Help to Meet Our Goal -

To Build a Community of Successful and Enthusiastic Readers

Last year the Jamestown Public Schools, with help from the Jamestown PROMISE Fund, piloted a new research-based summer reading program for grades K-2 called Scholastic LitCamp at Ring Elementary School.

A significant percentage of JPS students are not reading at grade level by the end of the third grade school year.  The achievement of reading at third grade level at the end of the school year is a key predictor of future successes such as high school graduation and the ability to find future family sustaining work.   Summer vacation is a great time to help students reach and exceed their grade level in learning and have fun at the same time!

LitCamp was a definite success! The students who participated in LitCamp made strides in five weeks that usually take ten weeks during the school year.

LitCamp’s Objectives

  • To help students read at a 3rd grade level by the completion of 3rd grade
  • To provide a nurturing and secure environment for students, which is important for students’ social skills growth and development.
  • To help prevent the summer slide that so many students experience and give them the tools to thrive in their scholastic environment

The Jamestown PROMISE Fund is asking for your help to continue to open more summer LitCamps across the district. Please donate to support the LitCamp experience for our elementary school students.  Visit: http://crcfonline.org/jamestown-schools-promise-fund/